These Jiu Jitsu Principles Will Do Magic For Your Child

When you make the decision to look into a jiu jitsu program for your child, the first thing that probably comes to mind is…What is it that my child will get out of this? The answer is in this article.

When you make the decision to look into a jiu jitsu program for your child, the first thing that probably comes to mind is…

What is it that my child will get out of this?

Will they learn more than just a couple cool fighting techniques?

With any great kids martial arts program,

you’ll notice that it transcends beyond learning self defense and fighting techniques.

And focuses on creating positive change in children on a much deeper level.

There are countless jiu jitsu gyms out there promising to teach effective jiu jitsu techniques,

But there are only a handful that go beyond that.

So let’s get into some of the defining principles that make jiu jitsu magical…

These principles are the framework of how we teach our students to become overachievers in every area of life, beyond the jiu jitsu mats.

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PRINCIPLE #1: On the other side of your fear, is everything you desire.

The mind is a tricky thing.

It can be on your side one moment and against you the very next.

In our Eaglets program, your child will understand this truth to it’s bitter end,

And learn to use the most powerful tool they have in their favor.

Their mind.

Through training,  children participate in a process of constant evolution.

Their limits will be pushed, and they will develop a focused and unrelenting discipline.

They will become comfortable with the fears that they were once slaves to,

And become a better version of themselves every day.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of jiu jitsu is its complexity.

It pushes the limits of your mind and demands the ability to solve complex problems quickly.

It brings you face to face with your flaws, and forces you to fix them.

Students will reach points where they feel like giving up.

They may feel confused at times by the complexities jiu jitsu presents.

But at the same time,

It is those very struggles that will create resiliency.

Making life challenges that once seemed difficult now easy to manage.

There are countless examples of kids who’ve been able to conquer fears outside of jiu jitsu from training alone.

The child who once was afraid to give presentations in school,

Now doing so with ease.

The child who was being bullied,

Now equipped with the self-confidence to stand up for himself and others.

The child who was doing poorly in school,

Now getting all A’s in an effortless fashion.


The internalization of principle 1.


PRINCIPLE #2: Power Over Force

In any jiu jitsu kids program, your child will learn the skills necessary to defend themselves,

Something that many people are without.

But what underlies the understanding of martial arts principles is the the understanding of how and when to use them

Jiu Jitsu is an immensely powerful martial art,

and it is important for those (especially children) equipped with this incredible knowledge to use it for good.

One of the core principles we teach here at Legion is the ability to use verbal jiu jitsu (talking down conflicts), 

As opposed to using jiu jitsu as a way to show off, start fights, or act tough.

In jiu jitsu, your child will learn that through knowledge of combat,

the need to use it is actually LESS LIKELY.

For a better understanding of this phenomena, check out this article on how martial arts reduces child and teen aggression.


PRINCIPLE #3: Compete against yourself, not against others

This principle has been discussed in our blog post on why every child should train jiu jitsu, but it’s deserving of repetition.

Jiu Jitsu is a skill

And just like playing the piano, riding a bike, or learning to swim.

trial and error is a natural byproduct

With most skills, this is generally understood and taken up willingly as a part of the process

However, what makes jiu jitsu different is the way in which the skill is developed.

Every day on the mats, your child may very well find themself face to face with training partners who are better than them.

In most other skills, this direct blow to the ego does not happen.

As a thought experiment,

Let’s say your child took up piano lessons 1 hour per day,

But instead of just learning on their own,

they competed with a piano master on a daily basis.

How would that change the game of learning piano?

For some people, 

This would help them improve faster and they would take no issue of being shown up by the piano master.

But for others, their inadequacies would start to creep in,

Making it hard for them to enjoy their progression and feel they are improving.

If not careful, this unhealthy mindset of comparison can creep into the back door,

Creating an added layer of challenge.

In fact, this tendency to compare one’s jiu jitsu to another is the single biggest reason people quit training


Those who understand how to come to terms with the fact that they are not the best on the mats,

and become okay with that,

can instead turn their focus to their own progress and enjoyment of the journey,

The process of improvement is the destination, not the result.

As a byproduct of training jiu jitsu, this truth is experienced on a daily basis,

Daily struggle with the tendency to compare is the the key to true self-love, 

and it is the fundamental unlock  to a child’s the ability to work hard without losing motivation.


How this potent combo creates a culture of overachievers (on and off the mat)

Each of the three principles described have immense power in their own right,

But as a trio, they create an unstoppable combination. 

  1.  They’ll have the ability to get out of their own way and face their fears consistently(principle 1)
  2. They will learn to use the confidence they gain from learning martial arts in a way that benefits society (principle 2).
  3. They will learn to eradicate the tendency to compare themselves to others, and instead give their attention to an internal locus of control based in process-orientation and enjoyment of learning (principle 3).

Together, these three principles create a proven formula for success.

And through jiu jitsu, your child will learn to apply this formula in every aspect of their life.

They will learn the skills necessary to become the greatest ideal of themself.

And learn cool fighting skills while they’re at it,

Making them an unstoppable force in everyday life and leaving your friends and family speechless of their transformation.

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