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Get the perfect kind of instruction for your experience level (and age) with our unique courses and programs.
You will be taught by World-renowned coaches in the most reviewed 5-star facility in America.

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Our Mission at Legion Jiu Jitsu

At Legion our mission is to provide you or your child with everything you need to be successful at the different stages of your jiu jitsu journey.

The environment we created is welcoming both for those who are hardened warriors and those that are trying jiu jitsu for the first time. Our members come from all walks of life, from ages of 4 to 65+.

We realize that starting jiu jitsu as a complete beginner can be daunting. That’s why we pioneered our 5-Week Beginner Course, which comes with a guarantee that you will start alongside other beginners. 

American jiu jitsu vibes

"the best way to start jiu jitsu"

Join our 5-Week Adult Beginner Course

Secret Sauce Curriculum

Our 10 class curriculum features essential techniques, organized in a way that accelerates learning and removes randomness. Our proprietary system of sparring will get you sweating, but safely.

Start With Other Beginners

Starting jiu jitsu with a group full of more experienced people is not fun. Normally it leads to someone trying to make you their lunch or you just feel out of your depth. At Legion your day 1 starts on the same date.

Get Insane Bonus Perks

Free Legion uniform, lifetime access to class recordings and access to our in-house gym area are just some of the perks that come with the 5-week course.

legion is the most reviewed jiu jitsu academy in the world

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Rated Excellent, 5/5 based on 1150+ reviews

I love this place.

My family is learning so much. By far the best martial arts gym I’ve ever been to. The staff is incredible and the coaches are so knowledgeable. . . 

Absolutely incredible gym.

Some of the best instructors in the world. They are very welcoming from the moment you walk in. Regardless of skill level this is a good fit for Day 1 beginners or people with years . . .

A unique style.

There is no intimidation walking into this gym. Everyone is smiling, welcoming and willing to guide you. The beginners class in particular is more than you could ask for!.. . .

5 week beginner course.

All the coaches are very clear and detailed on how they teach each technique. I did not think that I would learn this much in such short amount of time. . . .

avoid a bad jiu jitsu first impression

Why Should Legion HQ Be the Place Where You Finally Try Jiu Jitsu?

Fantastic question, thanks for asking! Here is a comparison:

Beginners at Legion BJJ

Beginners at "Random BJJ"

Why do we only teach the world's fastest growing martial art?

The Many Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

Physical Benefitsjiu jitsu is a kickass workout

- All the benefits of cardio with none of the boredom of a treadmill
- Build muscle & athleticism
- Become more flexible, agile and enduring
- Burn calories & shed weight

Self-Defense Benefitsgain real confidence

- Learn the skills to confidently defend against even larger, stronger or more athletic attackers
- Gain self-discipline to avoid using these skills inappropriately
- Kids learn how to deflect bullies

Mental Benefitssome call jiu jitsu their 'therapy'

- Reduce stress, become more focused and present
- Build toughness and resilience rolling against challenging opponents
- Become a part of a supportive community

anti-bullying jiu jitsu programs

Give Your Child the Gift of Martial Arts

You’re looking in the right place, jiu jitsu is a fantastic choice. Find out everything about age groups, schedule, instructors, benefits & what parents have to say!

legion employs over 10 pro coaches

Meet Our Instructors

Keenan Cornelius FOUNDER

Keenan Cornelius is Legion American Jiu Jitsu’s founder and one of America’s best competitors. He is known for developing several prominent jiu jitsu techiques and for his teaching prowess in general.

Andris Brunovskis HEAD INSTRUCTOR

Andris Brunovskis teaches several intermediate-advanced classes as well as White Belt Fundamentals. He is sharing well over a decade of fighting and teaching experience with the sport’s next generation.


Miha teaches our popular 5-Week Beginner Course with a team of assistant instructors. He also teaches Judo for Jiu Jitsu every Saturday.

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visiting san diego for a few days? come visit!

Visitor Information

At Legion American Jiu Jitsu HQ, we are fully open to visitors. We love the fact that so many people from all over America and the World make the time on their trips to San Diego to stop by our academy and do one or a few classes.

Find out all about our (very liberal) policies when it comes to visitors.

Ps. When you do visit, make sure to mark your home on our Visitor Map.

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