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Class Schedule at Legion AJJ

Our current, up-to-date schedule!

From those who don’t compete but want to be elite, to the future IBJJF World Champions and ADCC stars... Legion Jiu Jitsu caters for all ages white belt to black belt! If you have any questions about which class is right for you, please don't hesitate to text or call us.

Class Descriptions

Beginner - White Belt Program

This is where your journey begins. This class is specifically designed by our chief jiu jitsu scientists (Keenan and Andris) to give complete beginners the building blocks of jiu jitsu. You can expect to learn the basic movements that you will use throughout your jiu jitsu experience. Special attention is given to safety and letting your body adjust to grappling, which isn’t the most natural or intuitive activity for most people. 

Our curriculum will take you through all of the common positions and situations that you will encounter once you start fully sparring.

Speaking of sparring, most academies do not allow beginners to spar (practice with live resistance), sometimes for 6 months or more. At Legion you can expect to do specific sparring from the positions that have been covered during the class. This comes at the end of the class and lasts for a few minutes, but you will see how good of a workout that can be! 

Graduation: A common question we get is: “When can I move to your Fundamentals and Intermediate-Advanced programs?” You can do so after you are graded with your second stripe or when the professor tells you that you’re ready to make the jump. After that point, if you feel you want to practice the basics some more… you can jump back into the Beginner class.

The 8-week beginner course is a part of our Beginner – white belt program.


The fundamentals class is a great next step after graduating from the Beginner – white belt program. This class is led by Andris and is focused on adding more advanced techniques to your arsenal. In the case that those techniques are technically already in your arsenal, then Andris is the man to expose the nuances of positions and techniques.

The class doesn’t feature too many hard, grinding rounds as it is primarily focused on sharpening your fundamentals. This class is also a great opportunity to ask Andris questions and deepen your understanding of the concepts that govern jiu jitsu. It is extremely unlikely that Andris won’t have an answer for whatever jiu jitsu questions you have. 

Currently, this class is only on the schedule at 9am, if you don’t have school or work in the morning, you won’t regret stopping by.


This is the core of Legion AJJ’s programs. The destination for beginners and home for everyone that graduates from our Beginner White belt program. In these classes, Keenan will disclose the secrets of American jiu jitsu! 

You can expect a class heavily focused on modern jiu jitsu with respect to the basic concepts that govern all of grappling. Especially in the noon class, you can expect the class to start with a formal line-up and end with almost endless rounds. You can leave at any time, the class ends when no one has the energy to train for longer.

Do you want to learn lapel guards? This is the class where you will get the chance. Are you serious about competing? This is the class you want to attend to learn what makes Keenan so successful.

This class often has no warmup, so make sure to come earlier and get nimble by yourself. 


Our judo class is a recent addition, but we were lucky enough to score an amazing instructor. Every Monday and Thursday you can learn from Justin Flores, a judo + wrestling machine. He is also a former US National team coach, Ronda Rousey’s coach during her judo and UFC run + Keenan’s judo instructor. 

This class is open for those that only want to do judo and have an allergy to spending a prolonged period of time on the ground. It’s also an amazing opportunity for our members to sharpen their throws and standup skills in general.

Keenan may be known for his guard wizardry, but American jiu jitsu is all about being well-rounded. This class is the best opportunity on the schedule to learn some world-class judo, taught by a teacher that is also a brown belt in jiu jitsu.  

Saturday All-Levels Class

On Saturdays at noon Keenan teaches an all-levels class. The reason is that if you have a busy work schedule, Saturday may be the day when you have the most free time… and what’s a better use of your free time than jiu jitsu? 

You can expect a class appropriate for all levels. If you are totally new to jiu jitsu then you will be able to get some help from a black belt and maybe go easy on the sparring, or not spar at all. If you’re advanced, you’ll still sharpen your skill set and get as many rounds as your heart desires. 

Note that most competitions are on the weekend, if Keenan is out of time, an appropriate replacement will be teaching. 

Sunday Open Mat

Our open mat on Sunday is true to its name. Open to all affiliations and free. It’s a bit of a party – some music on the speakers, new friends to roll with… It’s fun! Every Sunday from 12 – 2:30PM