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Sloan Clymer

is a nogi jiu jitsu specialist…

he teaches most nogi classes here at Legion HQ.

His nickname is “the Caveman”, but don’t let that deceive you, he is an articulate instructor.
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Sloan was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana to a combat sports enthusiast father. He got his start in a literal barn behind their house, where his dad put down mats, a heavy bag and weight lifting equipment. 

The gym was very rugged, with snow often trickling on the mats in the winter and young Sloan would get his start in this barn named “Caveman Combat” with his dad and his buddies who practiced jiu jitsu, boxing and no-holds-barred. 

Sloan practiced wrestling as a young teen, eventually transitioning into jiu jitsu competition at the age of 16. He did some more wrestling, had a couple of MMA fights, coached wrestling at a small school before heading for San Diego. He practiced exclusively no gi at a local school, reaching the rank of brown belt from Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez. He has been teaching nogi for years now and we’re happy to have him here to help you improve your nogi game. 

As a competitor he has experience competing in amateur MMA, amateur boxing, folk style wrestling and a number of jiu jitsu competitions and super fights. He also competed at the prestigious EBI Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds. He will be competing more in the future, representing AJJ. 

You can find all of Sloan’s classes on our schedule page.

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