Thinking about visiting San Diego and Legion AJJ? We’ve compiled a lot of visitor information, plus our recommendations below… to make trip planning a breeze. Hope you find it helpful.

Basic information


Nearby airportS

San Diego International Airport 

  • 3225 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
  • 25 Minute Drive
  • Approximate Cost for Uber: $30-50

 Los Angeles International Airport 

  • 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045
  • 1 Hr 50 Minute Drive
  • Approximate Cost for Uber: $150-$200
  • Other options for getting down here include Rental Cars, Turo, Amtrak Trains

Getting to legion from within san diego

Public transport in SoCal exists, for example, there are buses servicing Miramar Road where Legion HQ is located. However, it is notoriously bad and used by few. 

If you are planning on staying in the area for a week or longer, we recommend renting a car. There are several international as well as local companies that will rent you one. 

Otherwise a lot of visitors rely on ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft

Unless you are staying very much nearby in the Mira Mesa area, we do not recommend relying on scooters such as Bird, because of the distances involved. 

Food & Coffee


While we stock plenty of energy drinks like Jocko Go, Monsters, Celsius in our fridge at Legion you may want some real coffee. 

JAUNT COFFEE ROASTERS – our friends at Jaunt are located about a 5 minute drive away from Legion at Miralani Business Park. They roast their own coffee and also have some delicious empanadas and burritos. By far the best coffee in the area. 

STARBUCKS – if you’re not the biggest coffee snob, you may like the comfort of knowing there’s also a Starbucks 3 minutes down the road. 

BETTER BUZZ – Better Buzz has an outpost very close to the gym as well, featuring a convenient drive through and some good food options as well. 



THYME FOR LUNCH – You can get to Thyme almost as quickly by walking as you can by driving. It’s that close. It is also located by the world-famous Half Face Blades (for you knife enthusiasts). They offer a set menu with Mexican inspired dishes at affordable prices. They also have plenty of drinks, smoothies and specials. Legion staff runs to Thyme for lunch whenever it’s time to eat something quickly. 

ABBY’s REAL TEXAS BBQ – If you’re visiting from Texas, forget about this one. If you’re not used to good BBQ, then this is the spot. About 4 min drive away, right behind the previously mentioned BetterBuzz you can find some good and honestly authentic Texas BBQ. Great after a hard training. 

SUPERNATURAL SANDWICHES – This restaurant specializes in sandwiches with a seafood twist. Try the Chimera sandwich, their interpretation of a surf & turf grilled cheese. I’m getting hungry just recommending this. 

WESTFIELD UTC – UTC is a shopping mall about 8 minutes drive in the direction of La Jolla. It features about 50 dining options. Our favorites are True Food Kitchen, Tocaya Organica, Javier’s, Lemonade and Tender Greens

Did we forget something?

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