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Justin Flores

Justin Flores is Legion AJJ’s judo coach. You can experience one of his classes every Monday and Thursday at 11am. In addition to his own impressive competition record, he is world-renowned for his coaching, especially for being Ronda Rousey’s coach before and during her UFC run.

Justin Flores Instructor Profile

3x UFC Champ Coach

Judo National Champion

4x Olympic Judo Coach

Justin's Biography

Born right here in San Diego, Justin started his career in judo at the age of 8 years old. He won many national and international titles as a youngster but decided to pause his career upon entering high school. He didn’t stray far from grappling, as he took up wrestling and went on to become one of the best wrestlers in the nation (was ranked #3 overall). He was recruited by wrestling coaches in Nebraska and given a full ride but eventually returned back to judo. He went on to become a World team member. He competed in over 30 countries and became the 2004 Olympic alternate for Team USA.

Since retiring from competition, Justin gained global recognition as one of the best grappling coaches out there. He coached the US Judo World Team 3x and made a name for himself as the coach to many UFC fighters (Ronda Rousey, Alpha Cat Zingano and others). Lately, Justin has been teaching Keenan judo private lessons, which Keenan swears by. Once the opportunity came to have Justin become a permanent instructor at Legion, there was no hesitation. 

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Three fun facts about Justin

  • His favorite word is “Kuzushi”
  • His knees are held together with athletic tape and dreams 
  • He earned his JiuJitsu brown belt after a total of 9 classes 

Watch Justin in Action:

Justin flores coaching
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justin flores coaching
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