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Andris Brunovskis

Andris Brunovskis is the assistant head coach at Legion AJJ

owing to his broad knowledge of jiu jitsu and a decade of experience. Andris is world-renowned for his Omoplata attacks, lapel guard proficiency and aggressive pressure passing.

Andris competes in the black belt adult middleweight division.
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Andris was born in 1990 to Latvian parents in Cleveland, OH. He got involved with jiu jitsu when he was 16 years old. He started training in Ohio, taking the sport seriously from the start. Eventually he moved to Sacramento, which is where he first met another young whippersnapper –  Keenan (link to Keenan’s page). 

While training in California Andris was scouted and offered a position at the now infamous TLI fighter house in Maryland. There Andris had living expenses covered and could focus solely on training and molding himself into an elite competitor. He became just that, following Keenan to San Diego, where he too received his black belt in 2014.

Andris competes in the lightweight and/or middleweight division where he makes use of his aggressive and dynamic style of fighting. It is also true that he hates shoulders, specializing in submissions that target them.

Andris won the World championship (IBJJF) twice as a blue and purple belt, he won the Pan Ams in 2014, the Asian open twice in 2015 and 2017. He also medaled at  the World No-gi Championship twice and won third place at the European championship twice. One of those European Open medals came in 2019. 

On a less serious note, Andris is somewhat of a viral superstar due to his very, very unique way of getting to a submission in this match:

2019 is also the year when Andris decided to bring his teaching talents to Legion AJJ. Here is what a student of ours had to say about Andris’ teaching style:

To learn from Andris and the rest of our Instructors (link to page) make sure to schedule your free class and start training at Legion this week! 

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