Video: Rare Justin Flores sparring footage versus 250lbs wrestler from Poway

justin flores sparring

Justin Flores is one of the most sought-after and respected coaches in the world of submission grappling. He excels at not one, but three disciplines. Judo, wrestling and MMA grappling with an emphasis on takedowns. People who have seen this video of him sparring say: “The most valuable live rolling I’ve seen to date. Thank […]

The (Almost) Complete Jiu Jitsu Dictionary

jiu jitsu dictionary

Created by: Cristiano Del Giacco This is your ever-growing jiu jitsu Dictionary: no more nodding your head pretending you know what the higher belts are talking about. Now, with a click of a button, you can look up almost any word you’ll ever need to know on the mat! Why is it almost every word […]

Two permanent and two temporary schedule changes at Legion AJJ

Bullying 1

Permanent Changes Dear member, we have a couple of schedule changes that you should know about. Wednesday Switch This first schedule change takes effect THIS Wednesday. The Intermediate-Advanced and the Fundamentals class are switching places.  In the year-end survey a significant number of members doing Fundamentals exclusively, requested an earlier class. We don’t currently plan […]

4 Ways Jiu Jitsu Can Help Relieve Stress

Jiu jitsu stress relief

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, you’re not alone. Stress is a common experience for many people, and it can have negative impacts on your physical and mental health. Fortunately, there are ways to manage and reduce stress, and one of the most effective methods is through physical activity. In particular, the martial art […]

Craig Jones’ set of seminars draws 275 participants in one weekend

Craig Jones At Legion

  The B-Team captain Craig Jones held 2 gargantuan seminars here at Legion HQ this weekend. The attendance was gold medal worthy, which seemed to puzzle Craig. He is more used to silver, yet he managed to persevere and teach a great seminar. Craig Jones and his pet Octopus (Guard) The attendees learned several Octopus […]