Two permanent and two temporary schedule changes at Legion AJJ

Permanent Changes

Dear member, we have a couple of schedule changes that you should know about.

Wednesday Switch

This first schedule change takes effect THIS Wednesday. The Intermediate-Advanced and the Fundamentals class are switching places.


 In the year-end survey a significant number of members doing Fundamentals exclusively, requested an earlier class. We don’t currently plan to switch any other classes in the same way, but we do hope everyone enjoys this switch. 7.30pm Nogi will stay the same on Wednesdays. Perk for colored belt die hards: More time for rounds!

Justin Flores Tuesday 12pm class is no more😒

Bad news for fellow nogi judo & wrestling enthusiasts. Justin has requested an indefinite break from teaching the Tuesday 12pm class. Currently we don’t have a replacement for the class as this is a fresh development. For now, the spot will be open for rounds or drilling – nogi or gi.

We will try to coerce JFlo into returning later in the year. 

Temporary Changes 

Judo Class Cancelled 2/25

This Saturday we have an In-House Tournament. Kids will scrap from 9am to 12pm. Adults start at 12pm, with the last matches being the QUINTET 5vs5 match. You can still sign up for the inhouse tournament by following  this link  👈

Judo Class Cancelled 3/4

Unfortunately, judo class will be once again sacrificed to the grappling gods because of Nicky Rod’s seminar. Tickets are still available here. 👈Gordon Ryan will throw a tantrum if you attend, so you should. Use the code LGN to get 10% off.

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