Keenan Does A Seminar And Trains With The Entire Gym For 50 Minutes

In one of his most recent seminars, Keenan decided to partake in some friendly jiu jitsu sparring rounds. Watch him get shark tanked by 50 people here.

Keenan recently visited Houston and taught a seminar at Advantage BJJ/Alliance Houston. Post seminar he thought it’d be a great idea to get a few rounds in which turned into a 50 minute shark tank. 

Have you ever sparred for 50 minutes straight? If yes, then you’ll feel Keenan’s pain in the video below. If no, then you can enjoy watching him do so from the comfort of your own mat/coach/car etc. 

As we mentioned before in our “3 Phases Of Competition Preparedness” article, stepping out on the mats, competitors should be a solid unit of ultimate cardio capacity. And to take on 50 people, you better hope you’ve got enough oxygen in the tank. However, you ain’t gotta get ready if you stay ready. This is what Keenan is ultimately demonstrating here.

Keenan Cornelius Legion American Jiu Jitsu San Diego Blog Post Image

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