5 BJJ Hygiene Red Flags To Look Out For

bjj hygiene red flags

This article explains the gnarliest BJJ hygiene red flags to look out for, when you’re joining your jiu jitsu academy. Hopefully this is the first time you hear about these.

Legion Partners With We Defy Foundation

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Legion is proud to announce a partnership with the amazing folks at WeDefy foundation. We hope to help connect veterans with disabilities to the power of jiu jitsu.

Team Legion AJJ at Subversiv 6

miha subversiv 6

Three of Legion AJJ’s top competitors compete at Subversiv 6 Team Event. Competing against some of the top teams. Find out how they did.

Legion AJJ at Nogi Worlds

Jay purple belt lost 104lbs over 4 years.

Legion AJJ competitors went to NoGi Worlds, the toughest IBJJF NoGi competition in the world. Find out their results.