I’m doing my first jiu jitsu class at Legion, what do I need to bring?

A guide to help you become familiar with what'll happen when you enter Legion HQ for your first class and how you should prepare befroehand.


You will receive your kimono on your first day*, which is the majority of your uniform together with your belt. Bring an extra t-shirt to wear under your kimono. Better yet, bring a rashguard. This is a special spandex compression shirt that we normally wear in jiu jitsu (it doesn’t get in the way). Compression shirts and t-shirts work best. 

Jiu jitsu is a physical combat sport, so you will want to take a shower after class. Bring a towel and whatever you need for a shower. Last but not least it’s wise to bring a water-tight bag for your sweaty clothes, so you can carry them out in your bag, without making it yucky. 

Bring plenty of water in a reusable bottle, we also have a refill station if you run out. 

Optional: Flip flops for your way from the changing room to the mats. 

Hygiene info:

Please trim your nails short and be clean (i.e. have showered) before class— we are in close contact with one another and hygiene is a priority for everyone at Legion. 

You NEED to wash your kimono (gi) after every class, hang it up to dry or dry it in a dryer on low so it doesn’t shrink too much. Read the Legion Hygiene Commandments here

*If you are a beginner starting your jiu jitsu journey with us.


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