I’m doing my first jiu jitsu class at Legion, what do I need to bring?


You will receive your kimono on your first day*, which is the majority of your uniform together with your belt. Bring an extra t-shirt to wear under your kimono. Better yet, bring a rashguard. This is a special spandex compression shirt that we normally wear in jiu jitsu (it doesn’t get in the way). Compression shirts and t-shirts work best. 

Jiu jitsu is a physical combat sport, so you will want to take a shower after class. Bring a towel and whatever you need for a shower. Last but not least it’s wise to bring a water-tight bag for your sweaty clothes, so you can carry them out in your bag, without making it yucky. 

Bring plenty of water in a reusable bottle, we also have a refill station if you run out. 

Optional: Flip flops for your way from the changing room to the mats. 

Hygiene info:

Please trim your nails short and be clean (i.e. have showered) before class— we are in close contact with one another and hygiene is a priority for everyone at Legion. 

You NEED to wash your kimono (gi) after every class, hang it up to dry or dry it in a dryer on low so it doesn’t shrink too much. Read the Legion Hygiene Commandments here

*If you are a beginner starting your jiu jitsu journey with us.