Legion American Jiu Jitsu HQ – Hygiene Commandments

In this article, you'll discover the hygiene commandments of Legion HQ. Follow them religiously.

1. No talons.

Yes, our logo is an eagle, but let’s let that eagle be the only thing with talons on it in this academy. TRIM your nails and toenails. Why? When you are sparring, things are flying around the air in 3 dimensions (4-5 if you’re rolling with a black belt). You don’t want one of those things to be your overly long, overly sharp nail… Your nails and toenails can cause nasty cuts and even nightmare worthy cuts on someone’s eyeball. Keep your conscience clean, trim your nails.

2. Clean your uniform after every class.

Yes, EVERY class. In order to make sure that our academy is clean and safe from infections, we need to make sure that everyone is doing their part, keeping germs and bacteria away. You may read on the internet that leaving your gi in the sun kills bacteria too. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. When you wash your gi, make sure to not have the water temperature too hot, they are cotton and will shrink.

3. Don’t let your gear ferment in your bag.

 If you can’t wash your gear right after training, make sure to remove it from the bag. Make sure to also wash the bag so funk doesn’t grow on it. Pro tip: Bring a moisture-tight bag with you to training to take your sweaty stuff out in a neat package. 

4. Shower after every training.

Showering before training is also a courteous move. Jiu jitsu is a high contact sport, you will not only have your sweat on you, but it will also be the sweat of other people. Showering immediately after training is the best move. Make sure you are odor-free when stepping on the mats for training. 

5. Always have footwear on when walking off the mats.

This one is a very simple rule: Never walk with footwear on the mats, never walk without it off the mats. This prevents nasty floor germs from making their way to our meticulously cleaned mats. If you only have boots or fancy shoes, take advantage of our emergency flip flops.

6. Make sure your breath is not more lethal than your jiu jitsu.

Take advantage of the complimentary mouthwash in the restrooms to make your breath mint(y). Your training partner doesn’t want to find out that you had garlic chicken for lunch or that you just downed a venti latte.

7. Don’t train if you’re sick.

Never train if you are sick with an easily communicable disease like the flu or the common cold. This is a major jerk move. Not only is it not good for YOU to train when sick, but you’ve also now brought a virus for all of your friends. If you can’t get off the grind no matter what, then do some stretches or easy bodyweight exercises at home. Have some tea, watch Keenan Online. Just don’t train until you are no longer sick.

8. Don’t train if you (even) suspect you have a skin infection.

Never, ever train if you suspect that you have a skin infection. If you are even a tiny bit worried show it to one of the staff or your physician. It’s incredibly important to not train because most skin infections are very contagious.

9. Cover up your cuts & scratches.

Properly cover your cuts and scratches before training, if you are unsure about the taping technique, ask one of our staff. Life has cut them many, many times, they are experienced in all kind of taping techniques.

10. Protect your hair

If you have long hair make sure to get it under control by tying it tightly. This will save you time during the class and make sure your hair is safe.

Now that you know everything about our hygiene rules… do you want to know 5 things we do better at Legion AJJ compared to other academies?

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