Legion AJJ at Nogi Worlds

Legion AJJ competitors went to NoGi Worlds, the toughest IBJJF NoGi competition in the world. Find out their results.

Legion competitors traveled to Dallas TX to attend IBJJF NoGi Worlds 2021, where multiple competitors’ hard work and dedication shined through, placing at one of the most prestigious events in the worlds competition circuit. 

Leading up to worlds Legion’s competition team trained multiple times a day together, honing their skills in all areas. Building well-rounded games in preparation for any possible scenario that would come their way during this year’s world championship. 

These are the Legion AJJ competitors who fought through the rounds to reach the podium at 2021 No Gi Worlds.


Paige had an outstandingly dominant performance at 2021 NoGi Worlds. Placing gold in her division (purple belt heavy), and absolute division. Throughout the competition, Paige had a total of 7 matches. Six of which she finished with submissions. All the while not having a single point scored on her. An impressive feat to say the least. However not surprising at all to her training partners and coaches at Legion.

Paige is a dedicated student at Legion, training multiple times a day. As well as teaching Legion’s kids program, training and guiding our future world champions. 

Now ranked #1 in the world as a nogi purple belt grappler, Paige has big goals set for the future, setting her sights on ADCC trials. She has not slowed down in the slightest, returning to Legion HQ in San Diego to continue her preparation. The future is bright for Paige as a competitor and coach, If you would like to learn from Paige CLICK HERE 

Jay purple belt lost 104lbs over 4 years.

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Edward Lucero, more commonly known as Juno, is another of Legions avid competitors. After winning IBJJF American Nationals, Juno placed Silver in his division (brown belt feather) at NoGi Worlds. Juno is definitely one to watch for in the competition scene. Always putting on an exciting show of technique and skill. 

Only twenty years old, Juno is already an experienced competitor. We’re expecting big things from Juno and his future in competing. 

Jay purple belt lost 104lbs over 4 years. 1


Breylor Grout aka JR, after winning NoGi Pans & American Nationals, made a run at NoGi Worlds where he won bronze in a talent-packed brown belt division. JR has an exciting submission-based grappling game, and is always exciting to watch. 

JR has been primarily focusing on his NoGi game, also setting his sights on ADCC trials in the near future. 

JR’s well-rounded grappling style & modern leg lock game makes him a dangerous opponent, and he is looking forward to showcasing more of his jiujitsu on the worlds biggest stages.  

Jay purple belt lost 104lbs over 4 years. 2

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Everyone at Legion AJJ is immensely proud of all the competitors that competed in this years NoGi World Championship. All who have vastly different styles of jiujitsu, which are embraced and encouraged, and supported by the coaches at Legion. Legion AJJ is full of talented athletes & rising stars, who you will soon see breaking out into the competition scene.

While not every one of the team who fought for the top spot in this acclaimed tournament was able to obtain the results they were working towards, we are sure they too, will soon enough reap the rewards of their hard work. The team and coaches at Legion continue to push the athletes towards world champion level. 

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Whats Next After NoGi Worlds?

Legio AJJ competition team will be fighting in Subversive. If you would like to see Legion fight in this event CLICK HERE 

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