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Kids are the future of jiu jitsu. But kids are also the future. Period.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce that we will soon offer our long-planned kids programs. Their goal is simple, it is to help parents raise over-achievers. Kids who don’t bully and don’t get bullied. Kids who learn through fun activities the translation of work (practice) into success.


Groups by ages


Little Eaglets

The objective for little Eaglets is fun. Our instructors have plenty of games, coordination drills and grappling basics to keep the kids focused, engaged and happy.


Junior Eaglets

This group will still have fun games, especially for warm ups. The goal of those is primarily to develop motor skills and some strength. This group will focus on building good and safe grappling as well as teamwork and discipline.



The aim of this group is to take these older kids and teens and keep them productively focused. They are one growth spurt away from being able to fly away into the big world (of adult classes).




Currently, all of the groups are training at the same time, however, they are divided by age on our vast mat space.

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