D.C. DeAngelis Gets His Black Belt Amid A Blackout

Congratulations are in order for one of our newest black belts at Legion HQ. D.C DeAngelis gets promoted by Keenan Cornelius at Legion HQ.

Darin Conner, also known as D.C DeAngelis has been promoted to BLACK BELT by long-term training partner and mentor Keenan Cornelius at Legion HQ in San Diego. However, this happy occasion didn’t go down without some technical difficulties. Just as Keenan begins explaining the success and attributes that led to Conner’s black belt promotion, the power goes out! Enjoy the video below to witness the promotion of one of the most promising jiu jitsu grapplers.

What has Conner DeAngelis done to deserve his black belt?

Conner has displayed raw skill and talent since his blue belt days, winning multiple World Championship titles. As he progressed through belt rankings, he collected many wins at Nogi Worlds, Pan Ams and the European Championships. Check out the full list of his achievements here.


While currently recovering from knee surgery, Conner has not stopped contributing to the jiu jitsu world. He has been busy planning, categorizing and sharing his knowledge through courses at JiuJitsuX.com. His courses “Tactical Single Leg X” and “Passing With a Side of Smash” offer users the opportunity to learn competition-tested techniques both from guard and passing. Click Here to check them out. 

No doubt we’ll be hearing more about his future success very soon.

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