Darin Conner is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt with a unique systematic approach to training and technique. He is one of our core coaching staff and a very accomplished competitor. Originally from South Carolina, he was just recently married to his wife and has since settled in San Diego.

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World Champion Blue & Purple Belt

Double Gold Pan American Champion

Rio Grand Slam Champion

Darin Conner's Biography

Darin Conner DeAngelis was born October 11th, 1996 from a small town in South Carolina. He found jiu jitsu at 16 years old and right from the beginning, due to how technical jiu jitsu is, he fell in love. In 2015, he completed highschool and left his hometown to pursue his dreams of becoming a blackbelt world champion. He too, like Keenan and Andris, chose San Diego of all places in search of jiu jitsu success. The three actually lived together for a period of time and became good friends through video games and everyday training with one another.

Darin competes in the middle-heavyweight category and is very well known for his unique top pressure and efficient guard style.

Darin has had incredible competition success including both gi and no-gi world titles at the blue and purple belt levels. During his time at blue and purple belt he was able to achieve rank #1 in both the IBJJF and Flograppling ranking systems. In 2019 he won the IBJJF World Championships as a purple belt to earn his brown belt from Andre Galvao. At brown belt he has already found much success by winning multiple super fights and the extremely difficult Rio Grand Slam tournament in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Not only does Darin have an impressive competition record but, he also has extensive teaching experience. He has taught numerous seminars in the United States, Korea, Europe, and even Brazil. In 2019, Darin went on a seminar tour in Brazil with Andre Galvao and taught in his second language, Portuguese.

Now… Why did Darin move to Legion?

Keenan’s unique vision and ability to make a successful career for himself through jiu jitsu made it an easy decision for him. With so much uncertainty in the world, Darin went to where he believed he can learn more than anywhere else… and that’s exactly what he is doing.

Darin can be found at almost all hours of the day in his self-converted van outside the academy or in the gym training. Mr. DeAngelis will be teaching the Saturday afternoon class as well as filling in for Keenan and Andris whenever he is required!

To check out some of Darin’s competition highlights and techniques… take a look at his youtube channel here.

Three fun facts about Conner

  • He hates lapel guard.
  • He speaks Portuguese like a Brazilian.
  • He would rather be locked inside his van alone than go to a party/social event.

Watch Conner in action:

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How can you learn from Conner?


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$ 700
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$ 1200
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