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Key features of Legion HQ's main lobby:

We invested in a huge mat space because it makes training a lot safer. You don’t have to worry about people falling or bumping into you and your training partner- Our mats are built on a special foam padded floor to make training even safer. 

We have high ceilings with big garage-style doors to get in lots of fresh air. Experienced jiu jitsu practitioners know that most other academies have a distinct “hard work” smell as a result of a lack of space and a lot of sweat. 

We have a gym area with access to it included in our memberships. Strength and conditioning is a great compliment for jiu jitsu and we want basic equipment to be available to our members and competitors.

Our shop area features Legion training gear and lifestyle apparel. The creepy gi manikins are there to show off the cut of our kimonos and to scare our employees when they’re leaving the gym in the dark. Works every time. 

We have lots of seating, primarily appreciated by parents that want to hang out while their child is training valuable skills on the mats. 

There is also room for more. If our gym keeps growing at this pace we are prepared to sacrifice some of the cement floor space for more room to train.


Want to see more?

Schedule your free trial or just stop by and we will show you the less interesting part of the academy with the locker rooms and our other facilities.