Legion American Jiu Jitsu Offer for Marines

Are you a Marine who lives in San Diego? How would you like to train Jiu Jitsu under some of the best American black belts in the game and save 20% on your membership fee?

Are you a Marine who lives in San Diego? How would you like to train Jiu Jitsu under some of the best American black belts in the game and save 20% on your membership fee?

A new player has entered the Jiu Jitsu scene on Miramar Road in San Diego and it’s called…

Legion American Jiu Jitsu.

Who are we?


We teach American Jiu Jitsu

As soon as you set foot in our 10.000 sq ft facility, you’ll soon realize Legion AJJ is not your typical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy. 

As the name and sign on the building suggest – we teach American Jiu Jitsu! 

Our academy is a lot more than just a place to teach and train jiu jitsu. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the culture and environment we’re building here, going beyond tradition and evolving jiu jitsu into something truly American. 

And our main focus? Taking your jiu jitsu to a whole new level. 

So, how does AJJ really differ from BJJ?


1. AJJ is a Different Style of Jiu Jitsu

Keenan Cornelius’ jiu jitsu game isn’t exactly your typical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game. 

Many traditional jiu jitsu enthusiasts claim that what Keenan does isn’t “true” jiu jitsu — yet he has consistently maintained his place amongst the top tier athletes in elite competition for the last decade, beating many of those who would be considered “true” jiu jitsu practitioners.  

So, we thought “why should we call it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?” 

Because that’s what everyone else does? 

Because it’s tradition? 

We don’t accept that as a valid answer. 


The intention of calling our jiu jitsu “American” isn’t to take anything away from Brazil or intentionally disrespect their practitioners or the amazing way they evolved the art from its origins in Japan. 

We respect the roots of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we respect everything Brazil has done to plant it here in the US. 

But we also believe that now is the time to take ownership of new grappling systems, styles and techniques that have been developed right here in America, by American fighters

Just like we took this country back from the British in 1776 hehe, we’re separating ourselves from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and certain traditions and replace them with ideals that are more in line with our culture.

We don’t restrict ourselves to just one style of grappling and when you train at Legion American Jiu Jitsu, you’ll find that the focus is on multiple grappling disciplines: Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kozen Jiu Jitsu are all incorporated in our curriculum and build the strong foundation for what we call, American Jiu Jitsu. 

We aim to provide effective training through the best teaching practices possible to ensure success both on and of the mats.


2. Our Instructors are American

Legion AJJ head coach Keenan Cornelius and all assistant instructors at Legion AJJ are American. 

If you’re not familiar with Keenan yet, recently he was ranked #3 in the World pound-for-pound in the IBJJF. 

And despite being only 27, he is widely regarded as being one of the best American competitors, ever!

During his purple, brown and now black belt career he has captured World, Pan American, Nogi World, European and countless other titles. He has had more than 400 matches during that same period, winning 93% of them, making him one of the winningest competitors this country has ever produced.

In addition to all of his competition success, he has been spreading his knowledge online via his popular instructional platforms Keenan Online and the Lapel Encyclopedia since 2013, while also teaching seminars at academies all around the world. 

Now he’s ready to teach you at his San Diego super-academy, together with other top-notch black belt instructors.


3. Our Convenient Location

One thing that’s special about San Diego is that it’s home to this nation’s largest concentration of military personnel.

Legion AJJ is conveniently located next to MCAS Miramar – you can even hear Ospreys and Fighter jets fly over the academy regularly. 

And what’s more patriotic than the sound of a fighter jet as you learn American Jiu Jitsu!?

Proximity to the MCAS Miramar base isn’t all we have to offer our Marines though..


Legion AJJ’s Exclusive Military Discount

That’s right…

We offer all military personnel a 20% discount on membership fees

We also understand that you may only be here at MCAS Miramar for a couple of weeks or months at a time before being deployed and signing up to 12-month contract might not be practical. 

Don’t worry, in cases like this, we have a special offer available for you. Simply visit our staff at the front desk or contact them via the channels below to find out more and claim your discount at Legion AJJ.

Ph: (858) 888-1815

Email: [email protected]

More Special Perks Available to You at Legion AJJ

All our members get free online access to our online technique databases Keenan Online and the Lapel Encyclopedia. This will allow you to recap the techniques you went through in class or to catch up on classes you were absent for. 

We have lots of classes to choose from, and you can check out our schedule here. We have nogi classes, gi classes and judo (taught by Justin Flores, Ronda Rousey’s judo coach). You’ll also find a weights area, stocked with the best Rogue equipment, that’s yours to use freely.

Training with tons of new faces at our famous free Sunday open mat. There are usually over 100 people to roll at these open mats, coming from many different academies, all wanting to share their knowledge of jitsu jitsu.

Come down, bring your friends and check out what it’s like to train at Legion American Jiu Jitsu.

If you’re on the fence about the whole jiu jitsu thing though, it’s time to address what the sport can do for you as a Marine.

How Marines Can Benefit From Jiu-Jitsu Classes

If you’ve trained in BJJ before, you know it’s not just a useful combat system, it’s both a mental and physical workout. It builds explosiveness, endurance and mental toughness.

If you’ve never trained before, try grapple with one of your buddies who does train and see how long you can last as a test.


Live sparring (free-rolling or positional sparring) is a great way to improve physical and mental conditioning for combat. 

We obviously don’t want you to get injured while training, so our positional sparring rounds are very controlled. 

You are free to train as hard as you want and choose your training partners accordingly. That’s why it’s even better if you bring your buddies along, so you can roll with someone you trust.

To be good at grappling, you have to get good at all its aspects – defense, offense, flanking, being detached etc. 


Click the button below to claim your 20% discount and organize your first class at Legion AJJ today.

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