No-Gi Instructor Sloan Clymer Gets His Black Belt From Keenan

After 13 years of grappling, Sloan Clymer AKA The Caveman gets promoted to black belt by Keenan Cornelius at Legion HQ in San Diego. Sloan is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t let the colour of his belt get in the way of becoming a true master of grappling. Through sheer grit and resilience, he has overcome obstacles and endured all the suffering of jiu jitsu training with consistency and discipline. Please enjoy the video below and witness this happy occasion as if you were there too. 

Who is The Caveman?

Sloan began his grappling journey at a young age thanks to his combat sports enthusiast father. He began training with his dad and friends in a literal barn which they later named “Caveman Combat”. The gym earned it’s name from it’s rugged look, hardcore right? Since then Sloan has become a nogi specialist with years of grappling experience. 

You can find all of Sloan’s classes on our schedule page.

Sloan is not only an experienced No-Gi coach, he’s also had many successes as a competitor. He’s competed in amateur MMA, amateur boxing, folk style wrestling and a number of jiu jitsu competitions and super fights. As a training partner, many describe rounds with him as painful with a constant looming danger to their necks. 

Sloan Clymer With Belt Around Waist Fight To Win Blog Image
Sloan Clymer VS Rida Haisam Who's Number One Blog Image

Since the promotion, Sloan has already made his debut at one of the biggest grappling events around. Check out this exclusive video of behind the scenes on Sloan’s exciting  black belt debut against Rida Haisam at “Who’s Number One”.

If you’re interested in learning some of Sloan’s best known submissions, check out his course on Here, you’ll learn the greater concepts behind Sloan’s caveman front headlock system and how the devastating submissions within make it just as dominating as the back, mount, or side control.