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Mission Statement

At Legion our mission is to provide you or your child with world-class jiu jitsu instruction. We want to do so in an environment that’s welcoming for those who are hardened warriors and those that are trying jiu jitsu for the first time. Our members come from all walks of life, from ages of 4 to 65+.

We realize that starting jiu jitsu as a complete beginner can be daunting. That’s why we pioneered our 5-Week Beginner Course, which comes with a guarantee that you will start alongside other beginners. The first 5-weeks of your jiu jitsu journey follow a curriculum developed by the same black belt coaches that you will be learning from.  


We have recently expanded our rapidly growing kids programs.

Find out everything about age groups, schedule, instructors, benefits & what parents have to say!

How are our memberships different?


No signup fees.

Sign up fees are a completely made up way some academies try to get “leverage” over their clients. Normally they’re magically waived at some point in the conversation.

There are no signup fees at Legion.

Legion wants to let you know you get access to all online content with your membershp.

Access to Online Courses

We’re big believers in using the medium of video to advance jiu jitsu learning. Even with perfect focus and memory, you can only learn so much on the mats. That’s why we include access to countless hours of online courses with all adult memberships. Valued at over $500, but included for free. (Thanks to

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Wear any gi or patch you want.

Less stress about uniforms means more focus on quality training.

You don’t have to take your patches off if you’re visiting or switching teams. All gi colors are allowed. 

Meet Our Instructors

Keenan Cornelius


Keenan Cornelius is Legion’s founder and one of American’s best competitors. He is known for developing several prominent jiu jitsu techiques and for his teaching prowess in general. Come meet him!

Andris Brunovskis


Andris Brunovskis teaches several intermediate-advanced classes as well as White Belt Fundamentals. He is sharing well over a decade of fighting and teaching experience with the sport’s next generation.


Miha Perhavec


Miha teaches our popular 5-Week Beginner Course with a team of assistant instructors. He also teaches Judo for Jiu Jitsu every Saturday. 

What do our members think?

Riley talks about his experience with our Nogi Programs.

Alex shares how her sons are doing after training with the Eaglets.

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Visitor Information

At Legion HQ, we are fully open to visitors. We love the fact that so many people from all over America and the World make the time on their trips to San Diego to stop by our academy and do one or a few classes. 

Find out all about our (very liberal) policies when it comes to visitors. 

Ps. When you do visit, make sure to mark your home on our Visitor Map.

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