Full 35 minutes of Freedom Rolls with Keenan and 5 Legion AJJ athletes

In celebration of Independence Day we bring you full 35 minutes of Keenan training with some of America’s finest brown and black belts.

Make sure to go to Keenan Online, the official online extension of Legion, and watch our narrated sparring videos. Yes, Keenan breaks down his moves as he’s doing them to a resisting human. It’s an educational experiment that’s more enjoyable for both parties than it sounds.

We’ve also uploaded the full Whole-lotta-plata course from Legion’s expert instructor – Andris Brunovskis. It’s a masterclass of shoulder attacking sequences from one of America’s finest teachers.

Lastly, if you’re within a comfortable distance of Miramar, San Diego. Do not miss the opportunity to try one of our classes for absolutely free. Including our newest class type – Socially Distant Jiu Jitsu.


Featuring athletes from Fighters Choice House. The official sponsor of Legion’s pro team.