Craig Jones is coming to San Diego for a Super Seminar at Legion

Craig Jones is coming down(under) to San Diego for a seminar at Legion AJJ on December 4th.

Craig Jones is coming to San Diego for a super seminar

Craig Jones at Legion AJJ

The B-Team captain will be stopping by Legion AJJ HQ to teach some top-notch Australian Jiu Jitsu (yes, he’s taking a break from Mexican Ground Karate).

One week before Nogi Worlds! Get some last-minute tips to make sure you come back with a silver medal.

Aside from the perpetual curse of the silver medal, Craig is recognized as one of the most formidable competitors and most articulate teachers in the sport. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him in the flesh.


All sales are final.

PS. The first 125 tickets sold out in 6 hours, 2 months from the seminar. Don’t wait to secure your tickets.

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