Legion Judo Instructor Miha Perhavec Shows A Classic Throw, Adjusted For Jiu Jitsu

The most common type of opponent you’ll find yourself going up against in jiu jitsu, is someone who has decided to pull guard before you’ve even stepped on the mats. This will usually happen in situations where you’ve developed a reputation for being a danger during stand up. 

The anatomy of a guard puller blog post image

How do you recognize this person? Well, they’ll most likely look like they’re sitting in a squat. Super low with their weight back. Take a look at Easton here demonstrating the anatomy of a guard puller. 

You’ll also notice, if you look into a guard puller’s eyes, you’ll see a little twinkle just before they’re gonna pull. It’s time to exploit that. Get ready to launch your opponents into the abyss. 

A classic judo throw to put an end to guard pulling.

In this video, Miha Perhavec (black belt in judo and jiu jitsu, coffee connoisseur, dog dad and co-founder of Legion) is gonna demonstrate a classic throw from his instructional “Major Outer Reaper”. This technique’s purpose is to deal with people who are pulling guard against you while still hitting the throw somehow 🤔. Let’s find out how.

Find out more about Miha and his class schedule at Legion HQ or check out the rest of his instructional on JiuJitsuX.com to seriously increase your takedown success.