First Beginner Course Class Tips

Before the class: 

Arrive a couple of minutes early to have time to check-in, change and get ready for action. 

Bring a pair of flip flops or sandals for easier movement around the academy. We have a simple set of rules: No bare feet off the mat, no shoes on the mat.

Make sure you have some water ready nearby, we sell drinks and water bottles if you’re in a pinch. We have 2 water coolers with filtered water in the building.

Remove jewelry! You don’t want to scratch anyone with it. 

Make sure your nails are as trimmed as possible. 

When you come to the academy the kids class will be ending, we recommend you get ready near the edges of the gym area, the Tue / Thu class begins on the side with the wall that has the TV timer. The Mon / Wed course happens on the mat extension. 

If you need help tying your belt let a coach know! 

After the class: 

Make sure to have a shower as soon as possible after the class. 

Wash your uniform after EVERY class! (very important).

Let coaches know if you have any questions, they’ll be happy to help.