5-Week Beginner Course Briefing

Hey, if you’re reading this, it means you successfully enrolled in our Beginner Course, like so many before you. 

Please arrive to the academy 10-15min early on the first day if possible! If you have not received a uniform yet, you can pick it up before the start as well. 

We’re all super stoked to help you start learning jiu jitsu in the safest and most efficient way possible (also, very fun). 

The digital curriculum is now also available.

Looking forward to seeing on the mats 

Miha & Legion Coaches

Next round of the course starts

Monday, May 23rd

Class times

Monday & Wednesday 6-7.15pm

Saturday (Judo for Jiu Jitsu) 12-1.30pm

How to access the digital curriculum?!

There are a couple of steps between you and the recording of the course curriculum that’s waiting for you in all of it’s 4K glory. Read the instructions all the way through and then follow them to start watching. You will need to create an account on JiuJitsuX.com in order to watch the course. 

STEP #1: Click right here to be taken to a cart with the digital version of the course.

STEP #2: Add the coupon code 5WBCFTW to make it free. (It should be free, you do not have to pay anything to watch this recording if you are enrolled in the course)

STEP #3: Enter your info and check out. 

STEP #4: Check your email for one that says “Your Jiu Jitsu X account has been created” (it’s probably under “Updates”) – follow it to set your password. 

STEP #5: You can now access your course under “Enrolled courses” in your JiuJitsuX Dashboard. Here is a direct link to the course as well. 

STEP #6: For the best experience download the Jiu Jitsu X App and Log in with your new account to watch the course there (In your Dashboard under Enrolled courses)

STEP #7: If you have any issues send us an email or ask for help at our front desk.