Empower Your Child With Jiu Jitsu

1. Pick A Day

We offer free trial sessions for all age groups every Tue, Thu and Fri. To provide the best experience, spots are limited.

2. Get All The Info

After the tour and free uniform fitting, you will get all the info from our staff, while your child trains for the first time.

3. See How Your Child Does

More than 80% of parents enroll their kids after they see them train and enjoy the sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age groups?​
Our age groups are Little Eaglets (4-6), Junior Eaglets (7-9) and Senior Eaglets (10-13). Kids are also divided by experience (belt level).
I have multiple kids, can I bring them all?​
Of course, almost half of the 130 kids in our program are siblings! We make sure that they can train at the same time!
What kind of info can I expect to get?
Coach info, schedule info, rank info, detailed pricing, special offers, curriculums, etiquette... + answers to all your questions
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