Legion AJJ Fundamentals Curriculum

CYCLE 1 (starts 5/13)

Topic 1: Closed Guard 

  • Building on top of the understanding gained in the 5WBC.

  • Getting the opportunity to sharpen the essential closed guard attacks. 

  • Gaining the knowledge required to use the closed guard to slow down more experienced opponents. 

  • Understanding the starting positions and requirements for attacks.

  • Knowing the mistakes to exploit from opponents. 

  • Becoming dangerous off of the back.

Module 1: 

 Center colar attacks: 

  • Cross Collar Choke 
  • Cross Collar to Armbar

     Reactions to opponent standing up:

  • Overhook to belly down armbar 
  • Armbar options 
  • Muscle Sweep
  • Double Ankle / Tripod 
  • Mermaid sweep

Topic 2: Passing Closed & Half Guard


  • Understand which of the many mistakes to avoid when in top closed guard (going INTO closed guard, trying to submit the bottom person, hands on the mat, poor posture, giving up an angle, standing up with the foot/leg too close) 

  • Understand how to maintain good posture and stay safe, which grips to use

  • How to make your way to your feet to open the guard and why passing on the knees is not optimal 

  • What to do after the legs are opened, which attacks to expect and how to avoid them

  • How to achieve a solid pin and prevent the bottom person from improving their guard. 

  • Understanding the importance of underhook control(s). 

  • Techniques to free the trapped leg. 

  • How to deal with torque on the leg and the lockdown.

  • How to maintain pressure all the way to mount and beyond.

Module 1:

Building to standing from top closed guard. Do’s and Don’ts from top closed guard.

  • The violator pass 
  • Sleeve and collars to knee push
  • Half guard to mount
  • Half guard to side control 
  • Defeating the lockdown

Topic 3: Mount Attacks


  • Gaining the ability to find your way into mount via the appropriate pathways. 
  • Learning how to hold mount (mechanics) and how to negate escape attempts. 
  • Learning how to launch the limited number of attacks. 
  • Getting good at finishing from the mount.
  • Getting proficient at taking the back when the opportunity is there.
Module 1:
  • Ezekiel 

  • Cross choke 

  • Gift wrap 

  • Arm triangle 

  • Armbar from mount


Topic 4: Mount Defense


  • Learning how to prevent mount 

  • Decreasing the amount of time being stuck in mount 

  • Sharpening the trap&roll escape and the half guard recovery 

  • Adding additional ways of escaping the mount 

  • Becoming more comfortable being stuck in mount

 Module 1:

  • Trap & Roll escape (Bridge/Upa)

  • Half guard 

  • Lifting up to SLX

  • Flexible escape

Topic 5: Judo Basics


  • Getting comfortable at the start of the round
  • Basic footwork and gripping understanding 
  • Learning how to break grips 
  • Learning how to capitalize on broken grips
  • Stance and footwork patterns 

Module 1: 

  • osoto gari
  • o goshi
  • ouchi gari 
  • combinations 

Cycle 2 (starts 6/17)

Half Guard

Pressure passing: Knee Cut

Back Attacks

Back Defense

Wrestling Basics