Get 4 Months of Jiu Jitsu Knowledge in Just 4 Weeks With Our Nogi Summer Bootcamp

Watch the video below to get more details on who this nogi course is for, who's teaching, how it works and how to get involved

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nogi Winter bootcamp starts November 21st, 2022


Who is this nogi bootcamp for?

1. Beginners who went over the basics in the gi and you want to get a head start learning nogi

2. Those who have some significant experience in the gi, but not without it 

3. Those who want to go over all major areas of nogi jiu jitsu in a structured way 

P. S. This Nogi Bootcamp is NOT for complete beginners. Please enroll in our patented 5-Week Beginner Course first

P.P.S Non-members are welcome, this course is not part of a membership option. 

who's teaching?

Three Legion AJJ Black Belts, All Active Elite Competitors 

nogi summer bootcamp
Sloan Clymer
Nogi Summer Bootcamp
Michael Salazar
Nogi Summer Bootcamp
Miha Perhavec

when are the classes?

Wednesday 7.30pm 

Friday 6pm

Saturday 10.30am

what's included in this course?

5 weeks of 3 classes per week

A free Legion nogi summer bootcamp uniform 

Video recording of all of the classes on the curriculum

Access to classes by Justin Flores 

Access to Legion AJJ Weight Area

Certificate of Completion 

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beginner course