The Best Online Jiu Jitsu Courses For Older Grapplers

Don’t retire your gi just yet! Read on to discover the 5 best online jiu jitsu courses for older grapplers that’ll not only put you back in the winners’ circle, but help add longevity to your game. 

Do you have more experience in your years than you do on the mats?

Don’t worry, you’re in good company. 

I remember the day I turned 30, like it was nine years ago. I woke up early that morning, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining…

… and it felt like every injury and muscle sprain I’d ever had had come back, all at once, to haunt me. 

Suddenly, recovering after a training session seemed impossible and even paper cuts appeared to hang around longer than usual. 

This was it, I’d now joined the ranks of the Masters division and my time on the mats would change forever.

the older I get

It wasn’t that bad though, Come to think of it, I started to peak in my early 30s. 

However, it was the decisions I made in my training; that is, who I trained with, how hard I sparred and the specific moves, strategies and gameplans I adopted that made the difference. 

Decisions like:

  • Adjusting my game to ensure I didn’t expend more energy than I needed to.
  • Adding moves that forced others to gas out before I did.
  • Listening to my body and getting rid of techniques and positions that could potentially flare up an old injury, or worse, result in a new one.
  • Etc, etc…

But the problem was, no matter how well I made these decisions, there was always a key variable that often threw everything out of whack. 

That variable…

… my training partners. Specifically, training partners who were younger, stronger, hungrier and much more athletic than I foolishly still thought I was. 

And it was rounds with these types of training partners that would keep me up at night after class. Rounds that haunted me in the mornings in the form of muscular pain and swollen joints. 

And while I picked up the shattered pieces of what I once believed to be my identity and status in jiu jitsu, I knew there had to be a better way. 

Is this something you can relate to?

If not, come back in a couple years, because eventually, father time will come for you…

… but if it does sound like your current situation, then thank your lucky stars, because you’ve come to the right place. 

Below, I’ve listed what I think to be the best online jiu jitsu courses for older grapplers (30 and up) to help you level the playing field against younger athletic opponent’s and get you…

… back in the game!

5 Of The Best Online Jiu Jitsu Courses For Older Grapplers Aged 30 Years And Older

Singles After 30

Singles After 30 Course Featured Image

A no-nonsense takedown system this over 30s black belt uses to consistently obliterate younger, stronger athletes on the feet without running out of gas!

First up, we have this absolute gem from ADDC bronze medalist and IBJJF Nogi World Champion, Josh Hinger. 

If you’ve always wanted to start a match, or sparring round in the gym, with two points up your sleeve and in a dominant position, you’re not alone. 

(I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty sweet)

Unfortunately, if you haven’t had any wrestling experience, either in high school, college, or with that one cousin you absolutely hated as a kid (because his head smelled like pickled onions and ketchup), the thought of having to learn the ENTIRE wrestling game from scratch, with all its heavy knocks, bumps, and spandex singlets can be discouraging. 

You already wake up with enough aches and bruises from the “gentle art” each morning, imagine adding suplexes and oil checks into the mix. 

This is where Josh Hinger’s Singles After 30 comes in. 


As a super accomplished wrestler in high school, Josh is known for being one of those guys who simply refuses to pull guard, and also known as one of the best over 30’s athletes in jiu jitsu, who’s more than willing to show the young bucks a thing or two when it comes to getting the fight to the ground.   

What makes this course a game changer for the over 30’s crowd is that it’s simple. 

Josh doesn’t fill your head with random takedowns that rely on more athleticism than you can afford. 

Instead, you’re given a concise plan for setting up one of the most effective and (when done right) least physically taxing takedowns you can hit. 

Best of all, Josh runs through a variety of “What If Situations” detailing every reaction your opponent may have, so you can beat them to the punch and put them flat on their back before they know what hit them.

And the best part is, you won’t have to burn through a tank of gas to do it.

Lord of Half the Guard

Jake Mackenzie Lord of Half Guard Horizontal Cover

Transform Your Opponent’s Best Passing Position Into Your Ticket To Winning Gold By Becoming A Lord Of The Half Guard With Jake Mackenzie.

There are only two types of young jiu jitsu practitioners on the mats today…

… those who live to play guard and spend more time making adults feel insecure about themselves than going to school…

… and those with necks the width of their shoulders, thicker beards than I can grow (somehow), and a steady diet of Übereme approved horse meat. 


And if the latter is looking to pass your guard, you, my friend, are in big trouble. 

The good news is, this is where the half guard could save your ass. 

The half guard is more than your last line of defense when it comes to fending off your opponent’s passing attempts.

Stop looking at it as just a “defensive position” and start looking at it as your ticket to frustrating any athletic opponent; where you can turn the tables on them without having to match their strength or whirlwind pace. 


Your opponents have never seen half guard innovations like this before and, the best part is, they have absolutely no idea how to pass them. 

Jake MacKenzie is not only a cult hero (and part time Jon Lajoie impersonator) on the jiu jitsu scene, known for his incredible half guard game, he is also one of the most articulate coaches you’ll find who has a knack for making you understand everything about the positions and techniques in as little time as possible. 

(Note, the knowledge you’ll learn about the knee tweak and how to apply it to your half guard will send shivers down your opponent’s spine and anyone on the side of the mat watching.)

The days of your half guard equaling half passed are over.

No longer will your opponents seek to make your life a living hell from this position. Instead, they’ll be looking to keep their distance, as well as their pressure off your body, and limbs well away from your reach.


(For non Canadians – now you know who Jon Lajoie is, and the circle is complete)

Lapel Encyclopedia

Keenans Lapel Encyclopedia Horizontal Cover

Harness jiu jitsu’s greatest cheat codes to slow down, control, and submit much larger, athletic opponents. 

Looking for a way to slow down super aggressive training partners?

The answer my friend is right in your hand…

… you just looked at your hand, didn’t you?

Ok, I was probably being a bit dramatic with that, and I didn’t mean “literally” in your hand right now, look, let’s start again — ahem…

Lapel guards and other lapel based positions are becoming more and more popular in jiu jitsu, and for good reason.  

So, why would a salty veteran like myself advise a fellow older (30 and up) grappler to take up the lapel?

Simply because they form the greatest equalizing agent available to you on the mats.

10 11 Lapel O Plata Guard Recovery Movement

So, why should you care? You’re not flexible. 

And you need to be flexible to be a good guard player, right?

Let me tell you something…

The Lapel Guard is the solution for people who STRUGGLE playing guard.


This is because all other guards are basically suited to a specific body type or level of flexibility…

Play half guard? Not if you’re tall…

Play spider guard? You better do yoga too…

Have a stiff neck or sore back? Forget bermibolos and the midlife crisis that comes with them.

There’s a common misconception surrounding lapel guards and their various evolutions to the passing and the takedown game. And that’s that they’re super fancy and need extreme levels of flexibility or strength to use.

The truth is, they’re not, they’re actually pretty straight forward and much easier to play than most positions.

And it all comes down to the way the lapel anchors your opponent in awkward positions and eliminates their potential for explosive power. 

It’s kind of like putting someone in bondage and having the ability to do whatever your heart desired to them.

(Don’t be a creep.) 

That’s right, if you’re looking for the cheat codes to cancel out your opponent’s greatest strengths — with the least amount of effort on your part — you needn’t look any further than the Lapel Encyclopedia. 

In this best-selling course, you’ll learn how to control and easily slow down much stronger, more athletic, guard passers — which means you’ll be in control of the game at all times, reducing the risk of injury caused by erratic movements and overexertion. 

You’ll also learn how to spend more time doing jiu jitsu, rather than defending it.  You didn’t start training to be someone else’s grappling dummy.  Becoming proficient with the lapel, means you can reliably gain the upper hand and actually enjoy your time on the mats.

This is more than a collection of techniques, this is a roadmap for understanding how to BE IN CONTROL from beginner to an elite level.

Originally, this magnum opus from the worm lord himself, Keenan Cornelius, focused on lapel guards only: using them to slow down, control, frustrate and ultimately, dominate, much larger, and more athletic guard passers. 

However, as the game of jiu jitsu evolved, so has the Lapel Encyclopedia, and it is one of the only online jiu jitsu instructionals on the market today that continues to provide updates…

… kind of like a perpetual ROI for your jiu jitsu. 

JJX insider club banner

Now, the Lapel Encyclopedia has surpassed its initial focus on the guard to form a more complete system, from fist bump to tap – all with the lapel – and an unfair advantage.  

The Lapel Encyclopedia contains over 160 lessons spanning 16 chapters covering every situation and detail you need on the mat, brought to you by the master himself, Keenan Cornelius, who walks you through his proven system, step-by-step.  

And it won’t take long to get those first few mini victories you’ve been looking for.

In fact, the knowledge held within the first three chapters alone has the power to improve your guard game beyond what any private class, Youtube binge or trying to figure it out on your own could ever do. 

Full Circle Guard System

Robert Drysdale FCGS Horizontal Cover

Force your opponent to play your game: lead them to your favorite guard, and their downfall, inside the maze that is robert drysdale’s full circle guard system

Robert Drysdale’s Full Circle Guard System makes it to this list of the best online jiu jitsu courses for older grapplers, not only because it provides you with elite black belt level guard skills…

… but because IBJJF World Champion, 2007 ADCC open weight champion and one of the greatest American black belts to ever live, Robert Drysdale, aims to help you make elite black belt level decisions on the mat. 


The Full Circle Guard System is like this… 

You lead your opponent into a room with ten doors. However, you’ve locked and have the key to seven of those doors.

Behind two of the unlocked doors are traps, and behind the other is a similar room with more locked doors and more traps. 

The more doors your opponent opens, the closer they come to their downfall. 

Look, Robert isn’t handing you a random mixed bag of tricks just for the heck of it. 

How good you are at jiu jitsu relies not only on the techniques you use, but the tactical decisions you make in selecting the best technique for the situation you find yourself in. 

You could have all the techniques in the world under your belt, but if you don’t make the right decisions, those techniques – and whatever color your belt is – will be completely worthless. 

This is the true key to ensuring not only success but also longevity on the mats as an older grappler. 

Gravedigger Passing

Andris Brunovskis Gravedigger Horizontal Cover

10x the pounds per square inch in your pressure passing game and force your opponent to dig their own grave. 

Look, here’s the truth, If your opponent isn’t in immense discomfort when you’re passing guard, you’re doing something wrong.

And if you’re having trouble trying to pass modern guards, with all their spaghetti legs and inverted horse play, this is the course for you. 

And before you say something silly like…

“I’m not ‘heavy’ enough to be a good pressure passer”

There’s someone you need to meet…


This is Andris Brunovskis. He may not look like the type of guy you’d see with a killer pressure passing game, yet, he’s managed to make a name for himself by squashing the dreams and inner organs of some of the world’s best black belts. 

How does he do it? 

Does he carry a concealed kettlebell in his gi? 

Does he wear a weight vest to help him add a few pounds per square inch of pressure to his opponent’s body?

Nope and nope. 

Just like all great jiu jitsu practitioners, Andris uses nothing but technique. 

And in this course, you’ll learn an easy to follow soul-crushing pressure passing system that’ll have your opponent begging you to relieve the pressure so badly, they’ll actually help you with the pass.

And because it’s based on technique and not size or strength, anyone can do it — regardless of your age, how small you are or how big your opponent is.  

That’s right you can be a buck fifty soaking wet and still use the gravedigger system to not only pass your opponent’s guard…

… but rearrange their inner organs in the process.

Nothing beats getting straight to the point, and with Andris’ help in this no nonsense pressure passing course, you’ll be making mince meat out of those modern guards in no time. 

Ok that wraps up the Best Online Jiu Jitsu Courses For Older Grapplers at Jiu Jitsu X, and while they may be this reporters opinion of the top 5 for ages 30 and up, it by no means suggests that these are the only instructionals to help you level the playing field against younger more athletic training partners. 

Click here and check out our full database of courses from some of the greatest instructors on the planet. 

Copy and paste their games to your own, and get the answers to your biggest problems on the mat now.

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