5pm Parents Class Pre-Registration

At Legion, we are all about efficiency when it comes to teaching jiu jitsu.

The problem

Let’s say you have kids training at 5pm and you can see the benefits of jiu jitsu daily. You want in on the action and get your exercise in at the same time as your little ones. 

However, you don’t want them to be on the iPad at 6pm, so you can do the Beginner Course and you definitely don’t want to drive them home, so you can come back for 7.30 Fundamentals. That is not efficient. 

Paige Little Eaglet

The solution

… is on the way in the form of a Parents class. We plan to add a class that will use our Beginner curriculum, but also be appropriate for those with more experience. 

Please fill out the form to officially reserve a spot when this class launches. We’re looking for 12 participants to start it up. No experience, no problem

By filling out the form you’ll get updates on the Parents class launch date for the classes, instructors and of course pricing.

Parents Class Pre-Registration Form

 Please shoot us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or speak to the front desk :).