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Legion HQ – World class jiu jitsu athlete sponsorship program – Details

Legion AJJ is the new academy on the block. However as we’ve read in this article, it is not your normal young jiu jitsu academy.

At Legion we are aiming to be the very best jiu jitsu academy in the world, everything else sounds pretty boring to be honest… There are many metrics for gauging how good an academy is.

For example, we’re working on having the programs and teaching at an amazingly high level for everyone that’s only doing jiu jitsu as a hobby. We’re working on building out an amazing academy building and keeping it clean. We already give our members free unlimited access to all of Keenan’s online content to watch at home…

All of those things are important and have and will contribute to Legion AJJ being the ultimate academy. However… we also need extremely tough competitors. Both established and all the next big things. We need tough people in the competition class. We’re talking eating nails and broken glass …. without any milk TOUGH!

Applications are open, trials will be announced soon. For more information, watch this Flograppling interview with Keenan.

Have you already put in a impressive amount of work in your jiu jitsu career? Have you already sacrificed almost everything to become the next big thing?

If you have and ONLY if you have, apply for our program right here:

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