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Looking to learn from Legion instructors, but ONLINE?

Legion has in-person jiu jitsu classes for all ages, experience levels and preferred styles of grappling (gi or nogi). We are proud to announce, that you can now also learn from several Legion instructors ONLINE. Not just on any platform, but on the best jiu jitsu learning platform out there – Jiu Jitsu X. 

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What is Jiu Jitsu X?

Jiu Jitsu X is a professional platform for the highest level of jiu jitsu instructional courses. Both in terms of video quality (4K UHD) and the level of accomplishment from the instructors.

An online jiu jitsu platform designed for LEARNING.

The place to learn from your favorite jiu jitsu athletes.

A platform that goes beyond just video instruction.

+ much, much more.

Learn from your favorite Legion instructors!

You can learn from most Legion Instructors on Jiu Jitsu X, if you’re not local to San Diego, or if you just can’t make it to class.

Keenan Cornelius

Andris Brunovskis

D.C. Deangelis

Coming Soon.

Sloan Clymer