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Personal Trainer / Nutritionist

Zanetta Poretti

Having traveled halfway across the world to be with us at Legion, Zanetta has brought her 5 years of specialized PT and Nutritionist experience & 8 years of jiu-jitsu competing to share with you.

Zanetta's Biography

Coming all the way from New Zealand, Zanetta Poretti is at Legion working as a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. While having earned her Certificate in Fitness Level 4 and Certification in Certified Sports Nutrition (CISSN) 5 years ago, this kiwi has been involved in the fitness industry her entire life. Her whole family, to some degree, is also immersed in the martial arts and weightlifting communities.

As a long-time jiu jitsu competitor herself (over 8 years!), she has worked to specialize her knowledge around strength training methods and nutrition plans that directly improve her jiu-jitsu and grappling game.

While she has lived and trained in San Diego previously, Zanetta is brand new to Legion as both a competitor and Personal Trainer for the rest of our competition team. Having traveled halfway across the world to live and train, Zanetta is stoked to be apart of the Legion team.