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Scott Boehler

Scott Boehler is a jiu jitsu black belt…

and Legion’s assistant coach. You can meet him in our morning classes.

Scott has been teaching for almost 10 years, all across America.
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Scott Boehler is our early morning class instructor. He got awarded his black belt in 2017 and has been training jiu jitsu for just over 12 years. He’ll be the first to admit that he hasn’t found the same competitive success as Keenan or Andris on his jiu jitsu journey. He is a former Arizona state champion, multiple time Montana state champion, silver medalist at the Boston Open at black belt. He’s also a Fight 2 Win superfight winner and holds a pro-MMA record of 4-1. 

Scott has an impressive amount of teaching experience as he’s been teaching across the country since he was a blue belt. He has taught people as young as 4 and as senior as 72. He was the head jiu jitsu coach at a prominent academy in Arizona for some time before traveling the country as a nomadic jiu jitsu warrior collecting more teaching and competition experience. Eventually, Scott moved to San Diego to be a part of the opening of Legion where he is also in charge of fighting germs and keeping the facility clean.

Scott is currently the assistant beginner coach, teaching the 9.30 am Beginner white belt class as well as helping Andris with the 6.30 pm Beginner white belt class.

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