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Membership Transparency

How do memberships work at Legion?

Wow, that's a great question, thanks for asking!

First, there's the trial...

One of the things that’s really important is for you, the prospective member is to know if you like training at Legion.

We don’t want to rush anyone into committing to memberships, because this first element is crucial to our success and your satisfaction (they’re the same thing). 

This is why you see us tooting our “Free week-long trial” horn both here on the website and elsewhere. We find that those that take advantage of it are overwhelmingly positive in their reactions and leave Legion with a big smile.

We’re big proponents of doing things differently and the best way for us to help you experience the “vibe” is to have a trial week with no commitments. The only thing you need to sign before your first trial class is our liability waiver. 

When you sign up for a free trial we will help customize your schedule, to make sure you get the most of it, by attending the right classes for yourself (or your child).

Attending the right classes for yourself.

Where’s the catch?

Ok, it’s time to tell you where the catch is. Our motive is to have you commit to training here for a six or twelve-month period. That way we can charge you fairly for our services each month and you keep coming in here day after day, learning jiu jitsu from our instructors. 

If we really have our way with you, then you’ll even feel happier, healthier, and more disciplined. Like all the time. 

Imagine that us trying to get you to become a Legion member is like robbing a bank. The way we want to go about it is by getting a finance degree, going to the job interview, acing it and then having the bank put reasonable payments into our account, year after year.

Why the membership contracts?

Because jiu jitsu is hard. It’s physical. Jiu jitsu will try to make you quit at times. Just like with any positive adversity, the rewards come from pushing through. 

Especially in the start, you will have periods when something will go down in your daily life that will put more stress on you, maybe make you feel tired. You start slipping, skipping training sessions and before you know it, it’s been so long that it’s awkward going back. 

That’s why we try to encourage upfront commitment, to help you get into a cycle of consistent improvement. That’s the only way to get the true benefits of jiu jitsu, the magic that happens when you start to get a hang of it. 

Ok, I’m done with my trial, the academy is amazing, I want to sign up, how do I do that?

All you need to do is stop by the front desk, our member specialist Tony will make sure we have all of your information. He will answer any pricing (link) questions that you may have and pull up our Membership agreement for you to sign… 

Want to sign up? Stop by the front desk.

Wait, is there some kind of signup fee?

Most jiu jitsu academies are too insecure in their practices to do memberships the way we do. They have elaborate sales processes with scripts and manipulation techniques. They’ll take you through a whole spiel and at some point, they’re going to mention a $200 signup fee. 

Then they’ll magically waive it, just for you, isn’t that great? We checked with our accountant and our lawyer and they were very clear in saying that it does not cost us anything to sign you as a member. 

Upon signing your Membership Agreement we’ll charge you for your first month, that’s IT. Right after that, we’ll give you a free gi.

You’re going to give me a free gi? Why?

As you’ve just read we’re pretty passionate in our hate for practices like the signup fee. That’s why we’re reversing them a little by giving everyone a free basic gi. Why? Simply because of the laundry. Gis need to be washed after every training as well as all other training equipment. This can be a little bit overwhelming and can contribute to the fatigue mentioned above. 

Having another kimono is a great way to alleviate the laundry situation and train care free.

After you get the gi and leave it will take us about 24hrs to make sure you have access to our online curriculum.

Are the extra charges for the online curriculum?

No absolutely not. All our memberships come with free access to Keenan Online and The Lapel Encyclopedia. These are extensive instructional resources that feature footage from Legion classes.

What if I still change my mind despite all these perks?

While our trial is 7 days, we also have a 30-day Money-back guarantee. In this period we will cancel your membership and refund your payments if you so request.

This is to make it more comfortable for you knowing that even after becoming a member you have an option to change your mind. The only requirement is to attend at least 8 classes per month. That is the minimum at which we feel you can really experience what Legion academy has to offer.

There's just one more thing...

Ah yes, the big question. The pricing. Don’t worry, we’re transparent about that too. To learn about all of our prices, please click below.

Membership Transparency

Legion Jiu Jitsu Pricing