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What to Expect from the 8-Week Beginner Course

Let’s take a look at what and how you can expect to learn during the 8-week beginner course here at Legion AJJ.

Each Class Starts with a Warmup

Each class begins with a warmup session to prepare your body with movements resembling those seen in grappling scenarios.
Our instructors take the time to explain how to perform all movements and why they are helpful.

Some of the essential movement drills that will be used during warmup are forward and backward rolls, shrimping and technical get up.

If you’re wondering if you’re athletic enough for this…please don’t worry. The course is designed for complete beginners of all ages and fitness levels and
you will get all the help you need from our instructors!

The warmup will usually conclude with 5-10min of selfdefense techniques.

Time for Technique of the Day

After you’re nice and warmed up, we will continue the class by teaching you the technique of the day. Your instructors will demonstrate and explain the core concepts that are essential to the technique.

Some of the concepts you will learn are:

  • framing
  • sweeping (scissor sweep and hip-bump)
  • bridge and shrimp
  • proper base
  • the four universal positions (using a drill that implements all 4)
  • pulling guard
  • basic takedown
  • submissions and the importance of tapping

The essential positions in jiu jitsu that you will be focusing on are the closed guard, half guard, and open guard.

What Follows is Positional Sparring

Positional training is where you will practice implementing your new technique on your training partner in a very controlled setting.

Class Ends With...

Every class ends with enough time to answer any questions you have. You can ask your instructors anything; they are there for you.

The goal during the 8-week course will be to provide you with the solid foundations you need as a jiu jitsu beginner.

At the end of the 8 week course, you will know:

  • the fundamentals of basic movements (ability to shrimp, technical get up, falling properly)
  • how to escape the 3 dominant positions
  • the fundamentals of guard retention and what that means
  • what the main submissions that occur in jiujitsu are
  • how to tap out and train safely
  • how to reverse and sweep a heavier opponent with technique
  • how to submit a larger or stronger opponent with technique

If you missed our first Beginner’s Course, well you’re in luck….

….we’re currently accepting members for our second Beginner’s Course! The 8-week course starts on March 9th and it’s limited to 30 participants. With less than 2 days to enroll, hurry!

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