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Beginner classes are restarting at Legion

Hi ,

Remember a couple of days ago I sent you an email saying that we’d be reopening the doors at Legion AJJ very, very soon?

Well, I looked up “very, very soon” in the dictionary and look what I found…

Very, very soon adverb

/ˈveri/ /ˈveri/ /suːn/

  1. The 4th of June, 2020
  2. This Thursday

Used in a sentence:

“Pack your gi in your bag, because we getting back on the mats this Thursday the 4th of June.”
We will resume the White Belt Program with Andris every weekday at 7.30 pm.

This class will be for graduates of our first course as a refresher after 3 months off the mats.

This class is also for everyone that signed up for the 8-week course that we had to cancel due to COVID. Andris has a spicy curriculum ready to go!

For now, we’ll start with the 7.30 pm class, based on attendance/interest there’s also the possibility of a morning class being added.

We understand you may have some concerns about returning to jiu jitsu right now, and whether you decide to join us on the mats this Thursday or wait a little longer is totally up to you.

To help you with your decision, in this email, we’re going to talk about some of the precautions and practices we’re taking to make your return to the mats as safe as we can.


To help with this, we ask that you contact our front desk team to schedule your intended classes.

This will allow us to see beforehand exactly how many there will be in each class, allowing your coaches to prepare accordingly, and giving you peace of mind knowing you’re risk of exposure to high numbers of random partners has been reduced.

Call Tony on (858) 888-1815 or email us at to schedule your first class back now.

Before you step onto the mats. You will find hand sanitizer stations at the front desk for your convenience and we encourage you to use them upon entering the facility. We have also invested in digital non-contact forehead thermometers and will be checking everyone’s temperature before class.

We suggest you get tested for COVID-19 before returning to the mats (but will not be enforcing it as a rule). To make this opening process safe, we will do everything in our power to ensure the mats and facility are ultra-hygienic and clean at all times. While this is in our power, for the health of your potential partners we hope that – if you are able to – you get tested before we open our doors. We understand that access to adequate testing isn’t possible for everyone, so this won’t be a make or break rule for your entrance to the gym. However, if you do have access to testing, we encourage you to do everything in your power to help us make this reopening as safe as possible.

We ask that you only train after assessing your home, work, and other life situations and have deemed it safe to do so. As COVID-19 poses differing degrees of risk for those with pre-existing health conditions, those living with family or friends who may be at a higher risk of the disease, or who live with doctors, nurses and other health care providers who are likely to be in contact with the virus, it is important that you take an honest audit of your home and work life before making the decision to step back on the mats at Legion AJJ. If you feel that your off-the-mat life is safe enough for you and your potential training partners, we do require that you complete a waiver attesting to that before returning to the academy.

Be accountable for your health and hygiene. As you know, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene at the facility, which we hope helps you feel more confident and safe about your own health each time you walk through our doors. To aid in this, we do ask that you always wash your hands and shower before class, wear clean rash guards, shorts, and gis when you train – and yes that does mean washing all the magic powers out of your belt 😉 Also, if you feel sick or feel flu and cold-like symptoms creeping in, please stay at home for your own health and for the health of your coaches and training partners. The best we play our parts in opening our doors the better the chances we have at keeping them open indefinitely.

Instructors will designate training groups. Within each class, each instructor will segment groups of 3-6 people who will train together for that class to limit your contact with too wide a variety of partners in any given session.

Understand that jiu jitsu is a sport of close contact. While we‘ll be doing everything we can to ensure the facility is as clean as possible, you must understand that jiu jitsu involves getting up close and personal with others and your decision to train is your responsibility. We cannot be expected to guarantee complete protection from the coronavirus.

Don’t forget to schedule your class before you arrive by calling Tony on (858) 888-1815 or email us at

See you back on the mats 😉

Cristiano, Head of Marketing at Legion