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Find out more about Legion American Jiu Jitsu. Established in late 2019, our team and facility are already amongst the most successful and recognizable jiu jitsu organizations in the world.


What is the difference?

American vs. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This is a very common question and to get all of the answers we recommend reading this article. In short, the main differences are cultural and AJJ seeks to avoid some of the negative aspects of BJJ culture. American Jiu Jitsu in short:

  • Avoids hierarchy structures that lead to a culty-environment 
  • Students are free to cross-train if they so please 
  • AJJ Instructors follow strict ethics rules 
  • There are no cash-grab uniform policies 
  •  Balances hard-training for those that crave it and safe training for those that need it



“I never won anything without hard labor and the exercise of my best judgment.”

Teddy Roosevelt

Established in San Diego, CA

Legion American Jiu Jitsu HQ got established in the middle of the San Diego metropolitan area, which is has the most fiercely competitive jiu jitsu scene in the World. More, precisely Legion is across the road from MCAS Miramar, the home of Top Gun.


HQ offers 10,000 sqf of amenities, the biggest and most important one being the mat space. All 5800sqf of our mats are also equipped with a custom-built subfloor that makes training that much safer. The main academy also houses several offices, large locker room areas, a break-room and a state-of-the-art jiu jitsu studio which belongs to Jiu Jitsu X.

Where next?

Owning your own Legion AJJ academy is now becoming possible. We are committed to spread AJJ throughout the continent. Find out more at our Legion Partners website.


Learn what happens on the mats

What kind of jiu jitsu do we offer?

Legion AJJ offers both gi and nogi programs. It is possible for our students to only do one or the other. However, we softly encourage our students to try to get proficient at both. 

Because we are committed fully to jiu jitsu and because we want our students to be incredibly well-rounded, we also focus a lot on wrestling and judo as part of our training. 

Our competition team works extensively with Justin Flores, there’s plenty of wrestling taught in our nogi classes and Miha Perhavec teaches a judo for jiu jitsu class every Saturday. 

We also teach self-defense with strikes and situational awareness in mind, especially for beginners and those especially interested in fighting beyond grappling rules. 

We do not teach any other martial arts, such as striking or MMA, so that we can stay committed to our primary goal, which is being the most professional jiu jitsu academy around. 

Why do we exclusively offer courses for beginners?

Courses vs. Programs

At Legion AJJ we have scheduled classes during weekdays from 6am to 9pm. Those classes are tied together into programs. For example, our gi program encapsulates the Fundamentals class, Skill-building class and our Intermediate-Advanced classes. 

That’s not that uncommon at BJJ academies. However, one of the biggest contributions we’ve managed to make is the introduction of structured, multi-week courses. The most well-known of those has to be the 5-Week Beginner Course, which revolutionized how most people experience jiu jitsu for the first time. 

We also offer Nogi Bootcamps, Kids Courses a Teens Course and we already have even more in the works. That’s because the inherent structure of these courses offers way more bang for their buck to our clients.

Get to know us

Meet The Team

Did you know? Legion AJJ HQ Team consists of more than 20 people with various roles that all culminate in a great experience for our members.

Miha Perhavec

Co-founder & beginner instructor

andris brunovskis

Gi Program Director

Justin Flores

Head judo & Wrestling Coach

Sloan Clymer

Nogi Instructor

Paige Ivette Borras

Kids coach

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